Domes For Humanity: Building a Sustainable Future in Haiti with Daniella Gruenthal

A home is more than a house — it’s where your story begins. That’s the motto of Domes for Humanity, a nonprofit with the mission to help communities build disaster-resistant homes and shelters. On today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we’re joined by Domes for Humanity Founder Daniella Gruenthal who shares her story and how Domes for Humanity came to be. Quite literally a dream come true, Daniella and Domes for Humanity are providing people and communities more than just a shelter. 

Finding her Passion

Daniella Gruenthal always knew architecture and building were going to be in her future. With a family-owned construction business, she joked that she grew up on construction sites, but to be honest – she always loved it. Eventually, she pursued it as her career. After college, she worked on design and construction projects, from commercial to government.

Daniella also shares her passion for helping others. What started as volunteering in middle school, led to international mission trips in high school, and remained a passion of hers into adulthood. She had a firsthand view of the devastation natural disasters have around the world, which led her to studying the building of monolithic domes.

A Dream Come True

For over a decade Daniella had a recurring dream. She describes herself on a mountain, looking over a community of happy people living in dome shaped homes. With her new knowledge of dome home construction, she knew this dream had to mean something. After connecting with an organization in the country of Haiti (to potentially partner with them in bringing sustainable housing there), Daniella traveled there to visit the communities in need. Upon arrival, she was taken to a mountaintop view, and something clicked — she was overlooking the exact view from her dreams. That moment told her that this is where she was supposed to be. 

Since then, Domes for Humanity has been touching the lives of Haitian communities (and beyond) with dome homes and disaster relief. 

Inside the Domes

Daniella explains that domes are disaster resistant, withstanding up to 400 mph winds, earthquakes, fires, flooding, rot, and tornadoes. They are efficient to build and cost effective. In addition to building homes, Domes for Humanity helps train communities on how to build them themselves, creating local jobs and boosting their economy. 

Today, they are working towards their goal of building 200 homes around the globe.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • The touching story of when Daniella met the family she sponsors.
  • The trouble they have had in the last two years reaching international communities, but why they never give up their efforts.
  • How Domes for Humanity are going beyond shelter, and are partnering with clean water relief organizations to increase quality of life in the communities they serve.
  • Why Daniella wishes to bring domes to South Florida.

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