From National TV Host to Breast Cancer Survivor & Holistic Health Coach with Samantha Harris

If you’re a fan of Dancing with the Stars or Entertainment Tonight, chances are you’ll recognize today’s Emmy Award-winning Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories guest. You might know Samantha Harris for her career as journalist and national television host, but what she’s working on today is even more impactful. Today, Samantha joins us to share her story of journalist and TV personality — turned Holistic Health Coach and Certified Fitness Trainer, all because of a major health challenge that changed her perspective for good. 

Bringing Childhood Dreams to Life

Samantha Harris knew she wanted to be in front of the camera from the time she was a young girl growing up in Minnesota. She had family working in the entertainment space, therefore she was no stranger to it and saw a similar career path for herself. After earning her degree in journalism and theatre, and then spending a short time working in local news, Samantha headed out to La-La-Land to pursue what she always wanted to do. Samantha started auditioning and realized she was getting booked for television hosting. Fast forward to today she has hosted dozens of national network and syndicated programs. 

The Diagnosis that Changed Everything

Samantha spent the first half of her career always chasing the next big opportunity. She worked hard and spent nearly 24/7 on call, but loved the opportunity she had in entertaining people. However, in 2014, everything changed. At the age of 40, Samantha was diagnosed with stage II invasive breast cancer. Determined to fight it, she took the year off to focus on herself and fighting the disease. She spent the year listening to her body, trusting her gut, getting second and third opinions, and taking the time she needed to heal and walk away even stronger. 

A Pivot into Wellness

While Samantha was fighting cancer, her journalistic instincts took over and she began researching everything she could about her body and her diagnosis. She realized that while she had always cared about her fitness and nutrition, she was really working out and eating healthy for her outside appearance — looking good. She wasn’t really focused on true wellness – which comes from the inside. The more Samantha learned, the more passion she grew for the wellness space. She authored her book Your Healthiest Healthy, sharing her research-based knowledge in an easy-to-follow wellness action plan. 

Today, Samantha is a certified trainer and recognized fitness expert, with programs aimed at making wellness accessible for anyone and everyone. She launched her online community, “Your Healthiest Healthy”, which offers weekly live coaching. 

 What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Samantha’s short time in local news and why she knew that was not the place for her.
  • The connection Samantha was able to make between her cancer diagnosis and her lifestyle.
  • Why Samantha says good health should not have a financial barrier.
  • How true wellness means the alignment of spirituality, relationships, careers, and physical activity (and why “alignment” means something different than “balance”).
  • Samantha’s easy and attainable wellness tips anyone can incorporate into their schedules. 

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