Goodbye Lupus, Hello Optimal Health: Reversing Autoimmune Disease with Plant-Based Eating with Dr. Brooke Goldner

We’ve shared dozens of inspiring health stories over 80 episodes, but this week’s podcast guest is truly special – and a big inspiration behind Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Brooke Goldner, a board-certified medical doctor, author, and founder of Goodbye Lupus. She is sharing her story of reversing her Lupus diagnosis through lifestyle adjustments. She inspired Tamika’s personal health recovery and the idea behind this podcast – that sharing inspiring health stories can make a difference in the lives of others. Tune in to hear Dr. Goldner’s story of living with an “incurable” autoimmune disease, how an accidental lifestyle shift led her to living over 16 years Lupus free, and how she’s using her proven protocol to help others heal. 

Dr. Goldner’s Personal Health Journey

Before Dr. Brooke Goldner was a doctor, she spent years as a patient. As a teenager, she began having symptoms that doctors were not able to find a cause for. She experienced horrible migraines, rashes, arthritis pain, and was simply given medicine to help with the pain, or treat her symptoms. It wasn’t until a particularly bad experience with all her symptoms at once that doctors uncovered what was going on, and diagnosed her with Lupus at the age of 16. Not only that, but it was so aggressive she was only estimated to have 6 more months to live. Dr. Goldner had two choices: to go through traditional methods of treatment or try an experimental one (using chemotherapy to suppress the immune system response). 

During those two years of the experimental treatment and beyond, Dr. Goldner didn’t let the progressive and chronic disease stop her from living her life the way she wanted. She graduated as one of the top 10 students at her high school, was accepted into her top college choice, and eventually graduated medical school. 

The Breakthrough

As she grew older, Dr. Goldner still relied on traditional medicine to manage her Lupus. It wasn’t until her wedding was approaching that things surprisingly took a turn for the better. Dr. Goldner was engaged to a man who was very knowledgeable on metabolism and healthy training. He took on the challenge of creating a health plan for her that fit her vegetarian lifestyle. Though skeptical, the pair realized just how powerful eating a full diet of nutritious fruits, vegetables, plenty of green smoothies, and other healthy options could be (with no need for animal products or processed foods). Within days they felt stronger, energized, and healthy. In three months, Dr. Goldner lost 30 pounds!The most amazing result of all? After some time with this new lifestyle shift, Dr. Goldner tested negative for Lupus for the first time in her life.

Spreading the Word

The amazing discovery left Dr. Goldner with a passion for spreading the word to as many people who would listen. By combining her personal experience with her medical background, Dr. Goldner has the scientific proof to back up her beliefs and personal experience, and the abilities to create resources for others to follow. 

Thanks to the internet, Dr. Goldner has been able to reach thousands of people (like Tamika) who have seen incredible change from Dr. Goldner’s proven protocols. From whole-foods, plant-based eating tips to smoothie recipes, Dr. Goldner makes it easy for anyone to follow in her footsteps. Until the medical community catches up to realize the effectiveness of these lifestyle changes, Dr. Goldner will continue her education and support of a healthier society. 

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • More about Dr. Goldner’s experience with the experimental Lupus treatment and how it worked to suppress her symptoms. 
  • Why Dr. Goldner still felt lucky even with the tough circumstances she faced.
  • The exact diet and lifestyle changes Dr. Goldner made before her wedding that changed 
  • Why Dr. Goldner was never taught about the impact her diet and lifestyle could have had on her health, and how the medical community has a lot of catching up to do. 
  • Dr. Goldner’s advice for managing a social life with a plant-based diet. 
  • Why the medical industry is so slow to change, but where there are still bright spots of hope.  

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