Drunk Fitness? It’s a Thing. with Craig Ramsay

Craig Ramsay has set out to make fitness not only fun, but inviting to us all. Who else could combine wine tasting and stretching into one unforgettable class — but someone who has made movement a part of his life since the very beginning? In this episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we are joined by Craig Ramsay who shares his story of movement, balance, and determination to prove that anyone can have a fitness journey catered just for them. 

A Fitness Beginning

Craig Ramsay, who’s Canadian born, started his own fitness journey with a sport he was surrounded by — hockey. From a young age he joined the sport and loved it (among others). He also loved the opportunity it gave him to move his body. Hockey taught him a lot about flexibility (interestingly enough!), something he continues to be proud of today. His flexibility brought him from hockey to contortionism, to ballet, and even dancing on Broadway in New York City! Versatile just barely describes Craig’s talents!

Craig continued hard to maintain his flexibility through simple stretching throughout his life. This practice taught him not only the importance of stretching in your life – but how easy stretching can be for anyone of any ability. 

Bringing Fitness to TV

After his stint in live performances, Craig found himself spending a decade in Los Angeles with his own fitness shows on Bravo and authoring his very own book on stretching. His shows showcased his point of view on stretching to a wider audience, proving once again that everyone can relate to fitness if you make it fun and forgivable. 

Craig shares his belief that there does not need to be guilt with fitness, instead he suggests ways to squeeze fitness into your life as it is. One perfect example? His wine and stretching classes, called Stretch a Reason to Wine, combine fitness with activities you already enjoy (sip, sip), making your fitness journey make sense for you, and increasing your chances of sticking with it.  

Confidence Does Not Equal Perfection

Throughout his fitness journey, Craig notes the challenges society puts on what body confidence “should” look like for an individual. Understanding that body confidence does not equal body perfection — Craig found compassion and love for himself and works daily to inspire that in others. In Craig’s world, there is no room for guilt on a fitness journey.

Today, Craig resides in Palm Springs, California where he continues to inspire his community and beyond with his love of fun fitness. From his Palm Springs Pride 5K to providing resources on social media – Craig is all about support, connection, and community. 

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Craig’s tips for using your mind to relax and let go, and how breathwork comes into play when relaxing your body. 
  • How Craig’s Wine and Stretching Class keeps attendees from ever feeling insecure.
  • Craig’s advice for finding balance in the pandemic.
  • Where to start with stretching, and how to find motivation no matter how daunting starting might seem.
  • How much you should be stretching and the benefits of regular stretching in your life.

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