Hydrating Our Skin & Cells while Cleaning Our Oceans with Jové Water

What if we told you your water may not be hydrating you? Some say it’s no wonder up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Jovē is doing things differently, clinically proven to provide proper hydration for cellular health, all with joy and love. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories we sit down with two of the Jovē team members, Tammy Hobbs and Elizabeth Lucey, to dive into why Jovē is so groundbreaking, and the years of work that went into building this brand. 

Building the Jovē Team

Entrepreneur Jerry Whitlock had a history with the beverage industry and had an idea to create a healthier bottled option than there was anywhere on the market. This idea remained for over a decade, as he continued to ideate and research the technology that would soon become the basis of his new company. For 17 years, he was supported by Tammy Hobbs in his then-current business, and when he sold it to pursue Jovē, he knew she would be the perfect fit for CEO. 

Second on the team was Elizabeth Lucey, who shares that after multiple health crises and a passion for holistic health and wellness – she was the perfect marketing brain to help launch Jovē to success. 

Love of Science, Joy of Nature

After years of searching for the right technology, Jovē came to life as a water that provides deep hydration. This is done through a 3-step process that brings in alkaline and electrons to hydrate at a cellular level. With the finalization of the technology and product, the startup was brought to life. Not only was their technology an incredibly important part of their brand, but they also ensured that the love they had for their mission was represented at every stage of production. Jovē is smoother and better flavored than your typical bottled water. 

The Launch of Jovē 

When the startup was created a little over two years ago, no one was able to predict the incoming challenges of the global pandemic of 2020. But with a positive attitude, Elizabeth and Tammy share that the delay in launch was for the better and gave the brand more time to make them even stronger. Today they are in almost 1,000 Publix locations across the country, in a handful of other stores, and also sold on Amazon. Jovē also supports clean oceans through their partnership with TerraCycle to remove plastic from the oceans. 

What else can you expect in episode 70 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories?

  •  Why happy cells lead to a happy body, and how dehydration can take a toll on your body
  • How Tammy and her family have seen first-hand the positive effects of drinking Jovē 
  • Tammy’s advice for managing the stress that goes into building a startup

Where to find Jovē: