From National Entertainment Reporter to Metaphysical Teacher with Laura Saltman

Entertainment reporter turned mindfulness, meditation, and metaphysical teacher Laura Saltman joins us for this week’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. When two sudden losses in her family caused her to reflect on the life she had created for herself, she realized it was time for a new path. Through trial and error, Laura found her new calling. She now works in a space where she’s not only able to heal herself, but shows up daily to help others heal and grow as well. Today she is a four-time author, meditation host, and healer encouraging people to pursue their dreams. 

Breaking Away from Entertainment News

If you were to ask Laura 20 years ago where her life would be today, entertainment news might still have been in the plans. Laura began her career in television as an emmy-nominated producer and correspondent. Her long days were filled with glamorous dresses, hair and makeup teams, and rubbing shoulders with celebrities at some of the biggest events. 

Even though she was living her childhood dream, Laura hit a point in her career when she started to question where she was going. As her time in the industry went on, competition increased. Laura’s role went from being fun and exclusive, to having to compete to get the latest celebrity gossip, even if it meant asking the uncomfortable questions.  

The Losses That Changed Everything

While doubts lingered for Laura about her career, her life truly started to change when two tragic incidents devastated her family: she lost her brother to cancer and shortly after lost her father to suicide. This shook Laura, sending her into a depression and a need to find a way to manage her grief. After some trial and error, her lightbulb moment was when she took classes in mindfulness and mediation. She immediately knew that not only was this the tool to help her with her own grief, it was how she would help others too.  

Today, Laura is a four-time author, life coach, mindfulness teacher, and digital meditation host. She shares tips, tricks, and techniques for transforming your life. 

Living Your Dreams Without the Hustle

If there is one thing that Laura gives her clients, it is the encouragement to live out their dreams. A big believer in the Law of Attraction, Laura is able to guide people through the doubt and worry that could be getting in the way. We all have challenges, but by keeping an open mind there is no reason we can’t all get in touch with our truest selves. 

What else can you expect in episode 69 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories

  • What Laura’s average day looks like and how she maintains the mentality of “Less doing, more being.”
  • How Laura has changed since her days in entertainment news 
  • Laura’s examples of how she sees the Law of Attraction play out in her life.
  • How Laura manages skeptics, and why they can always be “proven right.”
  • Laura’s experience in clairvoyance and how connecting people with their past loved ones is an incredible healing tool.

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