Listen To Your Gut With Tiffany Anne Smith

In episode 6 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we welcome Tiffany Anne Smith for her first ever interview, discussing nutrition and her passion for encouraging others to change their lives one small step at a time. She, too, needed a change after spending “too much time in the middle”, which she describes as a time in her life when she was malnourished and partying excessively. Her path to get healthier with nutrition became her lifestyle, and then her livelihood.

Tiffany Anne Smith, RD/RDN is a clinical and holistic dietitian in virtual private practice, where she specializes in calming chronic inflammation and balancing your immune system. In her blog and on social media, she explores the connection between diet and spirituality, and educated others on how simple changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can be an easy entranceway to your wildest dreams and most divine self, if you let them.

Tiffany’s personal health journey started when she was a teenager, a time when she took part in a lifestyle that was impacting her health in negative ways. Somewhere along her journey she started taking small steps forward – through diet, yoga, and the changing of her habits. These small changes eventually snowballed and empowered her to make the next big choice – teaching nutrition as a career.

Today, Tiffany’s background as a dietitian allows her to spread this advice to her clients looking for the same type of change. She feels lucky that she is able to walk with them on their path towards health and wellness. She shares that she is truly living her purpose through what she is doing – helping people on their journey to better health.

Tiffany believes that for many, there might not be a rock bottom on your journey to health – you might just spend a lot of time in the middle. There are so many moments where you might be stretched between wanting more for yourself and feeling stuck exactly where you are.

Her advice? Start with food, the easiest change where you have all the control.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Tiffany’s take on why food is the key to a balanced immune system and why that balance matters.
  • The first step towards a healthy diet and why you don’t have to get too complex to see results.
  • How nutrition impacts the way your body reacts to coronavirus.
  • How Tiffany’s clients benefit from working with her, and how she is uplifted by being a part of her client’s wellness journeys.
  • Why sharing her personal experiences can help others take the step towards facing their challenges.
  • The story of how she knew she was following her passion.
Listen to your Gut

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