Manifesting Success: Getting Uncomfortable & Finding Happiness with Hector Penate

When was the last time you were vulnerable? According to today’s Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories guest, that vulnerability is going to be your key to success. Coach Hector Peñate, or Coach HP, is an expert at finding happiness, being vulnerable, and getting outside of your comfort zone. After spending years figuring out his own identity, Coach HP learned just how important it was for him to see the silver lining in everything and manifest his happiness. Today, he speaks to professionals, parents, kids, and everyone in between on the importance of a positive mindset.

Coach HP has experienced a lot of failure in his life, all of which he is not afraid to share. From childhood trauma to living in his car in L.A., he spent a lot of time feeling as though he did not have anything to bring to the table. It wasn’t until a move to Las Vegas and a chance to try something new, that he finally began to learn how to be himself.

As a person drawn towards relationship building, Coach HP has a different approach towards how he presents himself. Every mistake, rejection, and flaw are approached with honesty. He says, “Why not use these feelings as fuel to attack our goals?” Today, Coach HP takes this mentality and shares it with audiences from around the world. He helps people understand what makes them different, how to put in the time to win, and how to find true happiness.

In today’s episode, Coach HP shares a taste of his wisdom for anyone wanting to find happiness (don’t we all?!). This episode will make you re-evaluate your mindset and get you one step closer to manifesting something great. You can only control your effort and your attitude, so go hard and do your thing with positivity.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • The story of Coach HP’s background, from baseball to acting, and the rest of the experiences that shaped him.
  • Coach HP’s advice for what to do when you mess up.
  • A change of pace, as Coach HP turns the interview on Tamika to ask her some deep questions about her own happiness.
  • Why you might be afraid to find your true happiness.
Manifesting Success

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