Plant-Based Advocacy: 15 Years Vegan & Now Fighting for Our Health with John Lewis

John Lewis has been vegan for 15 years. It’s his passion for uplifting others and a healthy lifestyle that catapulted him into his role as an international public speaker, serial entrepreneur, author, film producer. When asked, “What Do You Do?”. His answer is, “What Don’t I Do?”.

In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, John shares his story. From being an overweight teen to watching the health struggles of his mother due to meat and processed foods, all signs guided John towards his life passion of health and fitness. John, also known as Bad Ass Vegan, spends his days educating others on the positive benefits that a plant-based lifestyle has on your body, your community, and on the world.

John’s path to becoming the Bad Ass Vegan did not happen all at once, but from a handful of experiences that shaped him when he was young. When he was 13, he was overweight for his age. When he started high school, he got involved in sports teams that gave him good exercise and the opportunity to lose weight. He saw the value that a good fitness routine could have.

Later on in high school, ironically, John got a job at a local butcher shop. This gave him a behind the scenes look at how meat was treated before it made it to the dinner table — and this stuck with him.

Then in his 20s, John got a call that his mom was sick. The doctors told his family that her ailments came from an unhealthy lifestyle: too much fatty foods and animal protein. This realization was the last straw for John, and he went vegan, cold turkey.

John’s new lifestyle didn’t stop there. He began researching diseases and ailments and realized just how much impact what you eat can have on your health. John’s research led him to discovering the impact he could make beyond his own body, and today after 15 years, his “why” is broad. He educates his audience on the impact your food has on the environment, animals, your community, and other communities around the world.

His latest project is the follow-up film to “What The Health”, a forthcoming feature length documentary, called “They’re Trying To Kill Us” about food and social justice through the lens of hip hop and urban culture.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • How the stigma on veganism has changed in the last 15 years.
  • The story of John’s documentary, They’re Trying to Kill Us, what it is about, and when you can get the chance to see it. (Watch the Trailer here!)
  • How John’s choice to go vegan started selfishly, but led to a broader purpose.
  • How John was raised to give back from a young age, and how that prepared him for what he does today.
  • John’s tips on going vegan.
  • See his film debuting June 19th at Tribeca
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