Miami Spa Month: Crystal Healing & Other Peruvian Wellness Techniques with K’Alma Spa

This week on Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories we are celebrating Miami Spa Month with Marizza Contreras, founder of K’Alma Spa. Marizza became a self-made entrepreneur in 2004, but she brought a new wellness retreat to life with the start of K’Alma Spa in 2018, combining her background in the wellness industry with her passion for changing the lives of her clients. The shift in her approach to wellness took place after her own life-changing event.

“I never thought this was my path until I had a stroke,” Marizza said.

Today, she’s created K’Alma’s services to be truly unique. They incorporate Marizza’s Peruvian culture with elements of crystal healing, guided meditation, and shamans. It is a spiritual space to work not only on your body, but on your soul.

Marizza’s career started in the luxury hotel spa business. First, she worked as a consultant. Then, she took on the title “business owner” when she opened Miami’s first mobile spa in 2004. During those years, Marizza’s business was one of typical service — massages, facials, etc. — until one day her perspective changed. Marizza experienced a life-threatening stroke, what she now knows was caused by stress at the time. 

The days and weeks following the stroke were scary for Marizza. She couldn’t talk. It was difficult to walk and do many other things she normally would for herself. When she was discharged from the hospital, she decided to do something she thought would make her feel like herself again — she got a pedicure. But that experience hurt her in a way she did not expect. The nail technician called her “entitled” and “rude” because she didn’t speak or move quickly enough when being served. She didn’t know what Marizza had just been through.

That is when Marizza’s personal mission changed forever.

Being mistreated made her realize how important the client experience is. Today K’Alma Spa operates under new core values: Compassion, Connection, Collaboration, Consistency, and Creativity. 

“We create a GPS for souls,” says Marizza.

It was important to her that K’Alma Spa provides their customers a holistic experience that will help them heal from the inside out. Because as Marizza says, no one comes in with a sign that displays what challenges they are facing in their life. So, K’Alma Spa specializes in treatments that allow their clients to get out of their heads, such as Sound Healing, Crystal Color Therapy, Kasha Marka, and more. They incorporate the roots of Peru and Mother Earth in their practice, with holistic and natural healing practices designed for both body and soul. 

For Miami Spa Month (which ends in August), K’Alma Spa is offering discounted and exclusive services. For guests who mention they are a listener of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, a special gift will be included.  

What else can you expect in Episode 61 of Lift U Up Inspiring Health Stories?

  • What caused Marizza’s stroke and how it led her to being mindful of seeking out clean, natural food, and products for her body. 
  • Exactly how her experience at the nail salon inspired her core values.
  • The story of a patient moved to tears when she was finally able to accept the grief of her son, who passed away suddenly.
  • Why people might be skeptical of K’Alma’s alternative approaches, yet leave with a new perspective. 

Where to find Marizza Contreras and K’Alma Spa:

Learn more about Miami Spa Month and participating spas from the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.