4 Types of Stories You Should Be Telling In Your Service-Based Business

I’m baaaaaack for a solo episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. As the host of a podcast all about sharing entrepreneurship stories, and the owner of a business that does the same… something I’ve heard too often from business owners is “I just don’t like talking about myself.” If you want to market your small business, you MUST tell YOUR small business stories. Today, I sit down to discuss the four stories your small business needs to be telling, and how that leads to building authentic connections.

If you have a service-based business and a passion for what you do, chances are you have a powerful story waiting to be told. But, as someone who has worked with small businesses on bringing their stories to life, I’ve seen how uncomfortable storytelling can be when we are doing it for ourselves. For most small business owners, marketing is a part of what you do, to some degree. You’re not only selling your services but selling why you are the best at what you do. If you’re an entrepreneur who feels they don’t have a compelling story to tell, here are the four stories you can, and should, be sharing:

1.     Your Personal Story

Your path is unique to you. What is the reason you get out of bed every day and do the work you do? What led you to it? What keeps you motivated? Whatever it is that you do, there is a reason for your passion – share it. People relate to passion. 

2.     Your Business Story

This should be an easy story to tell, the origin of your business and why you started it. Thinking about what led you down this road, but also what led you to your business niche. In Episode 1 of the podcast, I shared my business story of accidental entrepreneurship, and how my niche sets me and my business apart. 

3.     Your Client Stories

This is where you can show proof that your business brings clients success. Share the stories of results from those you have helped. Use results, facts, figures, and quotes to tell a clear story of why working with you was the right choice for your clients, and show prospects what is possible. 

4.     Your Own Results

Whatever it is you sell, chances are it has made a difference in your life. Just like Jennifer Jones shared in her episode, she practiced what she preached, and saw physical and emotional change in her own body. As another example, in our episode with Keshawn Hughes, who is a neurocoach coach specializing in burnout, she shares how she went through burnout and developed resources to get herself out of it. 

Whether it pushes you out of your comfort zone, or you feel like you don’t have a story to tell, I hope these four examples get you thinking about just how impactful you are to your business. I can’t wait to see you sharing your stories!

What else can you expect in Episode 60 of Lift U Up Inspiring Health Stories?

  • How I spent my break away from the podcast
  • The power of stories in my own marketing
  • How starting this podcast has taught me a lot about how entrepreneurs shy away from telling their stories.
  • Exactly how stories lead to authentic connections.