Preventing Injury Through Physical Therapy with Dr. Katie Dabrowski

Dr. Katie Dabrowski is passionate about blending the worlds of injury prevention, training, rehabilitation, and recovery to promote an all-encompassing approach to physical therapy. In this episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, the Old Bull Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation co-founder is changing the game of physical therapy. Truly living her dream, Katie is making it known that anyone can benefit from the help of physical therapy. Her practice combines training and therapy, and focuses on building healthy habits for continued strength

As a young adult in college, Katie would have never guessed she would be embarking on entrepreneurship in the world of physical therapy. An athlete her whole life, Katie is no stranger to movement’s impact on our bodies. After spending her undergrad studying neuroscience and spending much of her time in a lab setting, she realized she was not fulfilled. She was lacking human connection and the ability to see the difference her work was making in the real world. One day, after speaking with a mentor who suggested she try physical therapy, her life was forever changed.

With her physical therapy degree and new passion for helping people live their best lives, Katie set her sights on shifting the mindset of how therapy was traditionally viewed.

In the fall of 2019, Katie had a conversation with Old Bull Athletics founder (and prior podcast guest!) Frankie Telfort – a conversation that soon turned into a business meeting. Their shared passion for bringing physical therapy into a gym setting was brought to life this year as Old Bull Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Even amongst a pandemic, they are still working one-on-one with their patients, giving them the ability to live their healthiest lives.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Why Katie gave up a chance to get her PhD and how she decided her dream was worth taking a chance for.
  • Why you should be getting ready for Squatober.
  • How Old Bull pivoted during COVID to still reach as many patients as they could.
  • Who can benefit from physical therapy (hint… everyone can!).
  • The one habit you can change for a healthier life, especially while staying at home.
Injury Prevention with Physical Therapy

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