The Ultimate Competitor and His Road to The Olympia with Alex “Fello” Cambronero

“The love that I have for bodybuilding is big, but it’s not as big as the love I have for competing,” says Alex “Fello” Cambronero.

Alex is the ultimate competitor and he will tell you so. He reached the “pinnacle” of his bodybuilding career this year – winning the 2020 Arnold Classic and now preparing for the Olympia, a long way from where he started at just 134 pounds. An avid thrill seeker and athlete, Alex has always strived to be the best. In episode 18 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Alex motivates with every passionate word spoken as he talks goal setting, purpose, and working for what you want.

]Shortly after moving to South Florida from Costa Rica in his twenties, Alex began working on his strength and physique. He soon became intoxicated with the rewards and, not long after, became passionate about bodybuilding. Since 2013 he has been competing and training, always chasing the next goal with every muscle in his body. Since 2018, he worked tirelessly towards his biggest goal yet, winning The Arnold Classic. This competition has the highest regard and respect in the industry, and in 2020 Alex was named the Arnold Classic Physique Champion- all thanks to his hard work and mindset of a champion.

Never not chasing a dream, Alex is off to the Olympia in Las Vegas (COVID-19 permitting) in December to grace the world’s largest bodybuilding stage and WIN. IT. ALL. He told our host, Tamika, he was going to do exactly that when they first met 7 years ago. She was training for her first bodybuilding show ever, and he and his wife Maggy coached her every step of the way while all eyes in South Florida were watching. Together they both own their own private personal training gym in South Miami, Pro Level Fitness.

It’s a reunion you don’t want to miss in this episode, The Ultimate Competitor and His Road to the Olympia.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • How isolation from training and isolating in quarantine have similarities.
  • Why now is a great time to start training as an athlete.
  • Why saying your goal out loud is the best thing you can do for success.
  • How fear is natural, but should never hold you back.
  • Alex’s advice for anyone making excuses to show up and do the work.
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