Staying Strong: Making the Pivot to Online Fitness with Jessica Marcarelli

On episode 9 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Jessica Marcarelli demonstrates how well she knows the definition of “pivot”. She has been pivoting since she was a dancer on the sidelines of the University of Miami’s football games; during a time in her career when working in an office job then transitioning to a yoga instructor; and her latest pivot, teaching in-person fitness classes and moving them online, forced by the onset of COVID-19.

In Staying Strong: Making the Pivot to Online Fitness, Jessica shares her professional and personal journey with fitness, and how, during a pandemic, she still believe there are fitness options out there for everyone. On June 15, 2020, the day this episode is released, it’s officially her first day back teaching in-person fitness classes as restrictions are loosened throughout Miami-Dade County, FL, but she’s forever made changes on how she is interacting with and teaching her audience. Read on to learn how.

Jessica first developed her relationship with fitness while in college, as a way to manage the changing lifestyle that comes with being out on her own. She frequented the gym, participated in high intensity training bootcamps, and even made lasting friendships through this passion for movement. After college, her preferences for fitness remained fluid, as she took up running and even started participating in group classes. The one thing that was consistent, however, was that most of her workouts remained high intensity – she loved the sense of accomplishment and quick results that you can SEE.

That all changed when Jessica sustained an injury to her back, and suddenly learned that working out as she knew it was not going to be an option. Her routine went from high intensity workouts to yoga and barre classes as she learned how to continue strengthening her body in new ways.

With her degrees in health and wellness, Jessica’s love for being active also morphed into her career. She currently works as the Mind Body Manager at Exhale Spa in Miami Beach, Florida, overseeing their fitness programs, teaching a variety of group fitness classes, and living out her passion for helping others make movement a part of their life.

BUT this all had to change when coronavirus greatly impacted the in-personal fitness community. Jessica was laid off and out of her comfort zone, but quickly adapted to this “new normal” teaching free online classes on Sunday mornings on her Instagram account. Over the nearly three months in quarantine, she’s developed a library of online courses which you can rent individually or sign up for an unlimited subscription. The best part? All you need is your own body weight to get a good sweat with Jessica. As of June 15, Jessica is also back in all Exhale Miami studios teaching barre and yoga classes for those who are ready and comfortable working out in person. More information is on her website.

With everything she does, Jessica’s goal is to encourage anyone to get out of their head and into the moment to leave them feeling empowered and accomplished to discover their full potential. Her advice? Just start.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • The lesson she learned from trying out a traditional desk job.
  • When she realized she needed a change saying, “It felt like something I was meant to be doing”, and how she put that in motion.
  • Her advice for beginners and how to fake it until you make it.
  • How she managed to transition to online workouts during the pandemic, and what she learned from going virtual.
  • Her tips for how to start your at-home workout routine, even if you’re a newbie!
Pivot To Online Fitness

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