Managing Life’s Stressors & Struggles with Meditation with Peggy Gaines

Studies show that people who meditate are more resilient in times of hardship. As Peggy Gaines describes it, when tidal waves of emotion knock you down to the bottom of the ocean, if you have been meditating, you’re the cork, rising back to the surface. For Peggy, that tidal wave was losing her teenage son to brain cancer.

Peggy Gaines joins us for an incredibly inspiring and uplifting episode 8 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories to bring awareness to the power that meditation and Reiki hold. As a published author, professional speaker, and nurse educator, Peggy has been meditating for over 20 years and teaching meditation for the last decade/ It’s the monumental impact this practice has had on her life, that she now spends her life’s work teaching others its benefits.

Peggy began her journey in meditation 20 years ago, all because she was having trouble sleeping. She heard that meditation could help, so she gave it a shot and started practicing it for 20 minutes a day. Her sleep improved dramatically.

Six years into her meditation practice, her world was rocked as her family was given the news that her teenage son was diagnosed with having a brain tumor. An experience no mother should go through, Peggy turned to meditation to help through it. She taught her son to meditate, and together they practiced it as he underwent treatment.

“Meditation changes the way you look at things,” Peggy shares, “because of the world we live in, we usually need that help.”

Since then, Peggy obtained her certification in meditation and Reiki and uses them to continue to impact lives and spread her positive spirit. She encourages everyone to give meditation a try, because we all deserve to live life knowing the glass is three quarters full.

Alongside teaching meditation, Peggy teachers Reiki classes and gives Reiki treatment sessions. She is passionate about showing her community how powerful a calm mind can be. In her life, Peggy has also worked as a volunteer chaplain visiting palliative and hospice patients and has taught meditation techniques in pediatric oncology units, cancer support centers, and women’s homeless shelters.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • The chilling story of when her son saw the other side, and how she was able to feel peace.
  • The emotions that came after losing her son, and how meditation played a part.
  • What meditation and Reiki are, why they help, and where you can start as a beginner.
  • The role that meditation and Reiki can have in hospitals.
  • The simple practice that can lead you to live a more positive life.
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