The Food App with a Waste-Saving Purpose with Rafael and Monica Garrido

Almost 40% of all food produced in the US is wasted. In addition, 10% of people in the US are food insecure – which means the food wasted could feed those who are in need and there would still be food left over.

These stats, while shocking, are not hard to believe when you consider the potential for waste at restaurants, grocery stores, and even in our own homes. This is what shocked Rafael Garrido and his wife Monica into action, together creating a digital marketplace dedicated to helping food retailers earn revenue and new clients by selling their food before it is wasted. Their app LOVVETT is taking South Florida by storm.

Rafael spent most of his career in a global consulting firm leading strategy and growing global businesses. He was never the type to shy away from taking on bigger and better projects, but one day he had a choice — continue down the same path or find a new one that could make a bigger difference in the world? As a self-proclaimed foodie who was raised to be mindful of his waste, the mission for LOVVETT was a natural fit. The Garrido couple started on a new journey.

The concept of LOVVETT is a win-win for everyone involved. Founded in the height of the 2020 pandemic, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, and other food-based businesses partner with the app to list their unsold goods at the end of the day, that would otherwise be thrown away. Consumers then get a notification and the opportunities to buy these goods for up to 60% off. Waste is reduced. Restaurants gain new customers. Consumers also have an opportunity for discounted food.

Today, LOVVETT can be used for food pickup in select cities throughout South Florida, but they are growing every day. As Rafael explains, they’re in the midst of mastering one city at a time and learning from their mistakes. He says, “Nail it and then scale it.”

Each app download, restaurant partnership, and purchase made gets them one step closer to launching in a city near you — which also means one less city contributing to as much food waste.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Why donating food can be challenging for restaurants.
  • How these businesses end up wasting food, and why it is necessary in some cases.
  • Why Rafael’s background was a perfect fit for co-founding LOVVETT, and how it aligns with his purpose.
  • How we all can help reduce food waste in our day-to-day lives. Read more about helpful tips on their blog here.
Lovvett App Episode

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