Martial Arts Master: Fighting For Connections & Confidence with Diego De Vera

Lifelong fighter Diego De Vera is living his entrepreneurial dream. Shortly after his move to Miami, the Argentina-native founded his very own gym, KO Zone, and fulfilled his life-long goal. Over the last 15 years KO Zone has grown to be the number one Martial Arts Gym in South Florida, according to Diego. It’s not just the expert training that brings people back to the gym each week, but the community you experience right as you walk through the doors

Martial Arts has been a part of Diego’s life for as long as he can remember. His family was deeply involved in the sport, so Diego started his journey as a fighter from a young age. He trained often to pursue success in the sport and was even named the Pan-American Champion in South America for full contact Kickboxing. Training became such a huge part of Diego’s life he developed a dream of opening his own gym. While he first pictured this gym to open in his home country of Argentina, life’s pivot brought him to Miami, where KO Zone was born.

As Diego describes it, Martial Arts is for anyone and everyone. Practicing Martial Arts turns you into a fighter against stress, bad days, and doubt. It creates connections, builds confidence, and strengthens character. At KO Zone, they don’t just sell their clients on ways to look good on the outside. Instead, they are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles inside and out, creating a strong person both mentally and physically. KO Zone’s impact extends way beyond a simple training session for each person who walks through their doors.

Interested in checking out the Miami gym? They offer free passes. Just reference this podcast webpage for 1x free entry.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Why Diego moved to America from Argentina, and what his experience was like moving to a new country at the time.
  • The origin of Diego’s first “client” and how it spiraled into opening his first gym.
  • How Martial Arts changes the life of abuse victims, including Diego’s step daughter.
  • Diego’s story of having hip surgery in his 40’s and how sports have continued to help him heal.
  • Why healthy living and fitness is the foundation of everything, and Diego’s advice for coming out of the COVID lockdown.
Diego De Vera

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