Trips 4 Women: A Ride-Sharing App Fighting Sexual Assault with Anna Prince

The convenience of ride sharing has taken over major cities across the country and the world. However, with increased use comes increased safety concerns. Each year, hundreds of riders and drivers are reporting experiences of sexual assault, a problem that mainly impacts women. On today’s first episode back with Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we’re joined by Trips4Women spokesperson Anna Prince who’s stepping up to keep women safe. Trips4Women is a new women-only rideshare app with a mission to keep women safer and prevent sexual assault.    

A New Take on Ridesharing

It is not uncommon for women everywhere to worry about their safety. Many situations have the potential to leave women feeling unsafe, but are oftentimes unavoidable. Calling a rideshare should be easy and convenient for everyone, but that guarantee isn’t always there when using popular rideshare options. The founders of Trips4Women saw a need. They didn’t want to change the rideshare experience, they just wanted to make it safer for women everywhere. They operate with only women drivers (background checked) and women riders, offer rides between safer hours of 7:30am – 10:00pm, and pay their drivers a living wage.

The Inspiration for Safety

Both Anna Prince and her partner have women in their life they want to keep safe. They have daughters, granddaughters, friends, and family that they consistently found themselves worrying about. As South Florida residents, an area with the 3rd highest cases of human trafficking and other chances for harm, they unfortunately were not strangers to sexual assault. This personal experience led to a brainstorm – how could they prevent this from happening to the women they love? 

Building a Business for Change

Both Anna and her partner came to a conclusion. Support groups and resources for victims are so important, but they wanted to do something to prevent the sexual assaults before they even happen. Their market research proved that women want to feel safer while using rideshare apps, so why can’t they make that happen? Though her background was as a mortgage lender, Anna’s passion told her that anything was possible. She says, “If you believe in something, you work harder.”

Trips4Women was started in South Florida, where they currently serve over 1300 users. They’ve expanded to Kansas City and Detroit, and have plans to expand to every major city across the United States. They say, if they are keeping women safe they are succeeding. They want to reach every woman they can to give them an option for safety, especially the ones who might think “it won’t happen to me.” We all deserve to feel safe. 

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