Where Are We Now? Health & Happiness Lessons We’ve Learned in 100 Episodes

Episode 100! We made it to triple digits here on Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. After two years of recording, we are proud of the 100 stories we’ve had the opportunity to share as an award-winning podcast. To celebrate, Tamika sat down for another solo episode reflecting on the past 100 episodes and broke down some of the health and happiness lessons she’s learned and implemented.

Looking back at episode one, Tamika realizes that in the last two years her story has evolved along with the show. She went from someone who was sick, still harboring some anger from past jobs, and looking for quick fixes to someone who is prioritizing her own health and happiness. Thanks to the array of inspiring guests, Tamika spent the last two years learning tips on health and happiness that she never knew, and has begun to implement them in her own routines. 

Here are some of the biggest things she didn’t realize before sitting down to record episode one:

  1. She learned from Chris Rackliff that self-care isn’t grandiose, instead it is the small, consistent things that you do everyday that allow you to fill your own cup and show up for yourself each day. 
  2. Ashley Lyn Olson and Marizza Contreras taught us that sometimes the most tragic things create the most good, and help put what’s important into perspective. 
  3. Jay Casale and Angela Cruz taught us that it is important to tell the stories of the journey you are currently on and the value of being real in the moment – even if that means sharing the struggles. 

On top of these major lessons, Tamika shared that she gained inspiration from her guests to make changes to her day-to-day that’s helping her transition from burnout to balance. 

  1. She’s stayed consistent each day in giving herself breaks. Trips to the gym, breaks from work, and meditation that she’s picked up. 
  2. She’s focused on the energy she allows around her, she’s recognizing what’s serving her and what’s not – and learning how to say no. 
  3. She realized that everything is a journey that you never really arrive to, there’s always something next that brings new goals and new challenges. She’s learning to give herself space to celebrate the wins in between, and not tie her happiness to the next goal she’s chasing. 
  4. She’s taken lessons to serve her clients better and inspire them to get out of their comfort zones. TB Media Group works with clients whose values are aligned with ours and encourages them to authentically share those values with their own customers. 
  5. She’s learned how important it is to make creating content fun, and how important it is to continue to refine your strategy.

With two years under our belts, we are excited for what’s to come in the next season of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. We have so many great stories to share and are excited to come back this summer with episode 101. Our schedule will transition to two episodes per month with plenty of new, helpful content in between. Thank you to our listeners new and old – we can’t wait to continue to inspire you and provide actionable health and happiness content that you can implement in your life!