Changing The Game: Movement in Our Metropolis with Meg Daly

Seven years ago, Meg Daly had a crazy idea. With two broken arms from a recent bike accident and a new lens for how she looked at the world, Meg walked below Miami’s Metrorail and saw nothing but potential. Space that to anyone else would be considered dirty, dangerous, and not worth a second look, but Meg saw an opportunity for a chance to bring more green into Miami – specifically in an underutilized space. Her vision slowly started to come to life in 2014, and today The Underline is open to the public. 

Meg Daly is a 30-year marketing veteran, mother, wife, and entrepreneur. With an upbringing that revolved around activism and creating change, it is no surprise that Meg found herself an opportunity to make her mark on Miami, and for the better. Meg explains that when you compare the city of Miami to places like New York and San Francisco, there is one thing missing: green space and parks for people to enjoy the outdoors. Also, as one of the more dangerous places for walkers and bikers to commute, she saw even more reason to bring The Underline to life. Read more about their 2021 opening in Forbes and Travel and Leisure

The Underline in Miami, Florida

The Underline is a 10-mile park full of green space, art, recreation, trails, and programming meant to bring the community together. Meg notes that during the planning stages, The Underline was not just composed of her ideas, but incorporated the ideas of the community. She calls it a project of many, not just one, and challenged her to ask for help when needed. Seven years later, The Underline is just in phase one. By partnering on projects with organizations like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Meg and her team continue to expand the good The Underline can bring to Miami. 

The Underline in Miami, Florida

What else can you expect in Episode 59 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories?

  •  The story of how Meg’s broken arms led her to seeing the potential under the Metrorail
  • How Meg raised funds for The Underline, and what keeps her going as a volunteer
  • What new projects are ahead for Meg and The Underline
  • Why green spaces are so important for the planet and for our mental health, especially during and after a pandemic

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