From Cystic Acne To Med Spa Entrepreneur for Melanated Skin with Maghan Morin

Entrepreneurship is in Maghan Morin’s DNA. From being raised by an entrepreneur to starting her first company in college, Maghan is no stranger to working hard to make her dreams come true. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Maghan tells her story that led her to her latest business endeavor: Melanated Beauty Spa. After over a decade of struggling with her own skin and experiencing first-hand how traditional spas were not able to always provide her the customer service she deserved, Maghan knew what she needed to do. 

The Path to Entrepreneurship

Maghan Morin does not have what you might consider a typical career path. While she was exposed to entrepreneurship from an early age, Maghan Morin began her career with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She went in with a passion for telling stories, but after struggling with the confines of the stories she had to tell, she realized that was not the career for her. That transition didn’t slow Maghan down, but instead used the experience from her in-college side-hustle to lead her to London to design shoes. 

Maghan didn’t stop there. After some time, she felt called to move back to the states and find a home in Miami, where she then pursued social media marketing – with her own twist. She launched her own agency, going door to door to local restaurants selling her services.  As she was working for herself, Maghan saw yet another need in her local area, a coworking space that catered to working women just like herself. While this business ultimately did not survive the pandemic, it opened the door for Maghan’s latest business: Melanated Beauty Spa. 

What the Spa Industry was Missing

From the age of 14 to 25, Maghan struggled with cystic acne and hyperpigmentation. During that time, she saw many professionals who could never get her skin in better health. She spent a lot of time and money, and more than once, estheticians would turn her away because they lacked experience with colored and diverse skin types like hers. Finally, Maghan met an esthetician who was able to properly work with Maghan to clear up her skin, teach her how to properly take care of it, and ultimately grow her confidence.  

That fair treatment is exactly what Maghan saw was lacking for people in her community with colored and diverse skin types, and that’s how Melanated Beauty Spa was born. She wanted a space where people of color could come, enjoy the luxuries of a spa, and have access to services from professionals who understood their specific needs. Melanated Beauty Spa opened its doors May of 2021 for the men and women of South Florida to enjoy wellness just for them. 

What else can you expect in episode 68 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories?

  • The story of Maghan’s coworking space, how it started with small weekly meetings and grew into an inclusive community. 
  • How Maghan learned the difference between taking care of white and melanated skin.
  • How Maghan handled being an entrepreneur during the Pandemic, and her advice for others who might be undergoing stress.

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