From Life-Threatening Childbirth to Peace of Mind with Jaclyn Strauss

From fighting for her life, to serving the greater good, Jaclyn Strauss’ entrepreneurial journey started with an experience she never would have imagined. She almost died during the birth of her second child.

Death during childbirth is something we don’t frequently talk about, but is very much a reality. It was Jaclyn’s wakeup call. Not only would her family have the grief of losing her, but they would have had the burden of untangling household matters that only lived inside her own head.  This sparked something in Jaclyn, and she created My Macro Memoir so that she, and other users, never needed to worry about this again.   

10.8% of women worldwide experience postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), in which a woman experiences heavy blood loss after giving birth. While some cases are able to be treated quickly (like during Jaclyn’s first childbirth), PPH remains the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide. After giving birth to her second child, Jaclyn knew that something wasn’t right. Even after being assured by her doctors that everything was under control, Jaclyn stood up for her intuition, and 45 minutes later she was being rushed into emergency surgery. Her loved ones were told that she might not make it, but that did not stop Jaclyn from fighting, and surviving. 

After recovering, Jaclyn had two realizations. 

  1. She was not going to waste her second chance at life. She felt called to help the greater good, sharing that while one person can’t change the world, she wanted to do everything possible to contribute to change. 
  1. Only she held the keys to the castle of her household. She kept all of the important household information in a system that only made sense to her. If something happened to her and she did not make it home, she would be leaving a “disaster” for her husband to work through. 

When Jaclyn sat down to organize her life, she didn’t know where to begin, and knew others must be feeling the same way. She knew she and others needed to have easy access to information like:

  • Attorneys names
  • Family doctor’s contact information
  • Banking passwords
  • Utility payments and logins
  • Rental property information
  • ….and so much more.

This need led Jaclyn to create My Macro Memoir, a secure place for families to digitally organize themselves with the thinking done for them. My Macro Memoir is a tool to simplify life, empower users, and create efficiencies. Jaclyn leads her business with one thing in mind: if she can help one person create a better life, it’s all worth it.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • What recovery looked like for Jaclyn after surgery.
  • Why Jaclyn urges women to be educated on the risk of PPH and learn to speak up with their doctors.
  • Why it is often hard for mothers to ask for help instead of taking everything on.
  • What it means when My Macro Memoir “does the thinking for you.” 
  • What type of information you can store in your Macro Memoir, and how easy it is to share that information when needed.
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