50 Episodes Later: My Favorite Stories featuring Tamika Bickham

We made it! Today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories is a special one. To celebrate episode 50 (and nearly a year of podcasting!), Tamika sits down for another solo episode to reflect on the past 49 stories we’ve heard from guests and share some of her favorites.

During a year when connection was difficult to find, Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories created a community. Our shared stories of health hurdles, tests of happiness, and entrepreneurship journeys have brought us together in such a unique way that we are so grateful for!

Looking back at the 49 stories shared over the past year, each one is worth a listen and full of inspiration and advice. Tamika has learned so much about both herself and growing her business (Listen here to her episode on 6 things she’s learned in 6 months of podcasting for her perspective on lessons from podcasting, and how it can help you grow your businesses organically), and we’ve even seen listeners impacted in the same way. In today’s episode, Tamika shares five of her favorite messages that still stick with her today.

  1. Episode 3: What’s Mental Health Got To Do With It? Reinventing Financial Planning

While sharing his story of putting mental health first, Renzo Barredo shared a quote that still sticks with us today: “Your net worth does not equal your self-worth.” His story begins with the loss of his best friend and leads to his passion surrounding mental health advocacy, and the connection that has with finances.

  1. Episode 16: Trauma & Grief: From a Near Death Experience to COVID-19

In this episode, Susie Levan recounts her near-death experience (a chilling kidnapping story), her troubled recovery, and how she took that challenge and used it to fuel her passion of empowering other women – a mission she now practices everyday.

  1. Episode 27: Do We All Have Addictions?

Despite her credentials, Dr. Nzinga Harrison prides herself on being a “regular ol’ person who loves regular ol’ people”. In this episode, the psychiatrist and a podcast host asks the very interesting question, do we all have addictions? We cover what it means to have an addiction, why there is such a stigma around it, and how you might show signs of addiction you didn’t even realize. (And for a bonus, listen to Tamika’s interview on Dr. Nzinga’s podcast, In Recovery).

  1. Episode 32: Plant-Based Advocacy: 15 Years Vegan & Now Fighting for Our Health

Hearing from John, also known as Badass Vegan, taught us a lot about the food we eat, and food’s connection to social justice. John tells his story of being an overweight teen, witnessing his mother struggle with food-related health issues, living a vegan lifestyle for the last 15 years, and how today he educated others on the many positive benefits of a plant-based diet.

  1. Episode 46: Artist, Amputee & Champion of Body Positivity

Bodypaintography artist and leg amputee, Cynthia Fleischmann, truly embodies what it means to be proud of who you are and portrays this through her art. Her passion is an inspiration for everyone to love themselves as they are, and her story of losing her leg in a crash, is not one to miss.

Thank you for your support of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories and see you in episode 51! Until then – Stay happy, stay healthy.

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